Why I remain bullish on crypto


Every time the price dips, the bears come crawling out of their caverns. We could even call this a crash, dump or what ever. Does it change anything for the HODLers? I unless you need to get out for some reason, no.

I dont care about all the articles screaming about a 100k BTC or a 500k btc, neither about youtubers telling you the same thing. Even if we go through a 4 year old bear marked or whatever, I really dont care.

For the average investeror, price fluctuation doesn’t really mather if you just want to HODL.

It’s a lot of psykological pressure involved, expecially if you’re in it to get rich fast. I dont believe it’s possible to get rich fast for most people, but crypto could be a hedge against inflation and I do believe crypto will continiue to grow over the next 10 years.

It’s hard to see red numbers, but it’s not a loss before you decide to sell!

What are your take on crypto? Bullish? Bearish? Neither?

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