Why I don’t think Crypto.com coin might end up having a big correction aka sell off


Well, well, Crypto.com coin holders, we’re flying for the last 2 weeks now, ain’t we. I know some of you who might just join the fam are wondering when people are gonna sell of their stakes. I bet they won’t. Here why:

Most are aiming at higher tiers. Like myself, I’m a Jade Green holders. The moment it reaches to the point that I could upgrade my card to Ice White to enjoy private’s benefits, I’ll do it. And believe it or not, a lot are waiting for the same thing. Ruby to Jade, Jade to Icy, and Icy to Obsidian. Those Icy and Obsidian also enjoy extra earn bonus interests. For instance, 2% extra in Crypto.com coin if you stake USDC. So a lot of benefits for higher tiers, so people are just gonna stake for as highest tier as possible. And remember, when they stake now, those CRO are locked in 6 months. Those who got a very big bag like Obsidian. I know many who bought $400,000 for Obsidian at 10 cents (equal 4 millions tokens). They literally now enjoy the highest tiers plus a whopping $1200 in tokens every single day. Man, that’s a lot of money. I don’t think they are just gonna sell off anytime soon.

Edit: adding about myself:

I’m up like 10x since I bought to stake for Jade Green. Enjoy Spotify and Netflix cashback, which are 5-10x now. Man, it’s insane. So, I’m not gonna sell off my stake, but wait to upgrade to Icy White for another free spot in Airport Lounge for my wife. Currently, only 1 guest for Jade Green. Plus, I’m gonna enjoy my Icy White benefits like 100% Amazon Prime, earn bonus interest, and more importantly the Private benefits exclusively for those who stake for Icy White, Rose Gold and Obsidian.

Cheers frens.

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