Why does anyone still buy Solana? Seriously?


“Oh it’s another person ripping on Solana, predictable”. Yep. Yeah it is I don’t get how rhetorical this discussion on Solana is and yet it stays relevant.

Since its launch back in March 2020, Solana has had a series of issues – from hacking to downtime to people being drained of their investments and funds completely frozen.

In 2022 alone, Solana has had not one…. not two… but “12 serious outages“. And yet people still buy. People still buy regardless of hacks, this last one netting 5 million usd in losses so far. That puts the total hacked from everyday investors IN THIS YEAR ALONE at over 500-million usd. Why the hell stand behind this crypto? There’s literally thousands of cryptos to choose from. Is their NFT art seriously worth it? Seriously. Is speed that important? The chain is obviously compromised to hell and has made cryptocurrency a laughing-stock to skeptics. Their nodes are shit and obviously centralized by “The Solana Foundation” contributing to new nodes. Gtfo, so now the nodes have to vote along with “the Solana Foundation” or lose their funding. Sounds super decentralized.

It’s a trash project and I just want to genuinely understand why it’s still relevant when there’s literally thousands of projects around and some solid ones too far outside the top 10. Maybe I’m preaching to the choir but it blows my mind.

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