Why do you hold that memecoin?


I will give a bit of insight first.

I heard about crypto a long time ago, when BTC was created. I’ve read about it on online blogs and articles, but didn’t gave enough attention to it. I tried mining it with what little I had for about a week, but didn’t get much, so I let it off.

Recently when I came to crypto, for real, I came because of Dogecoin, but nowadays that’s the only thing I can vouch for it, it brought me back to crypto! But I don’t hold it anymore, as a matter of fact I haven’t hold it for more than a year. I moved on to what I thought were real coins, ADA, ALGO, etc…

But there was one Meme coin that popped up in this Sub that stuck with me, mostly because of it’s faucets and easy way to gather more for free. I though it was a good way to get free crypto.
Oh boy was I wrong, I kept using it and found this amazing community with activities, great talks and meetings, free crypto and NFT’s.

That’s what keep’s me using it! And you can already guess what it is… Banano.

Do you have any bag of memecoins? Why you keep it?

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