Why bitcoin will really hit $500k…


BTC will hit $500k+.


Because it is the ONLY asset out there that large funds can scoop up for cheap, increase value through scarcity, and then unload on their clients at 10x the price…

JPMorgan will accumulate 100k bitcoins at $50k each at a cost of $5B. Then they can then spend 2-3 years normalizing it and pushing for regulation. Then they can recommend that all of their clients have some exposure. They have $2.3 Trillion assets under management. So all they have to do is recommend that their entire portfolio has 2% exposure to bitcoin and flip that Bitcoin over to their clients at a profit of $50Billion.

There is absolutely zero other “new” asset classes being invented that anyone can do this with. They cannot recommend everyone hold gold, or real estate, bonds, or Apple or Tesla stock. They cannot accumulate enough of any of those to flip for 10x. And those markets are too mature to advise that everyone should have exposure. Because they’re already exposed.

But Bitcoin is a NEW asset class. If they accumulate now they can make 10 fold their money by normalizing it and then dumping it on their clients.

The day JP Morgan or any major bank announces they are holding Bitcoin, buy more bitcoin, and buy LEAP options on those banks. They’ll be playing the 2-3 year game of flipping that bitcoin over to boomer retirement accounts & government pension funds. And they won’t be doing it for just for the trading commissions…

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