Why are you not buying Algorand?


Serious question, for those of you who have exposure to multiple coins, why is Algorand not on the list?

In my opinion it checks all my boxes, it is secure, scalable and decentralized (getting more decentralized every day). The ecosystem is growing at a rapid pace – it has a great NFT community, and a solid suite of defi products like Algofi, yieldly, folks finance, tinyman, Algodex and many more. The fees are only 0.01 Algo per transaction. And last but not least the creator, Silvio Micali, is regarded as the father of cryptography.

There are no high fees like on ethereum. There have been no outages like on Solana. No complex functional code like Cardano.

So back to my question, what is keeping you from getting a small bag of Algorand and testing it out? Genuinely curious.

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