Why are people still comparing Bitcoin and Ethereum? They are simply not the same and can both be equally successful.


Just as the Ethereum Merge is inching closer and ETH is pumping a lot due to the hype many are once again starting to compare Ethereum to Bitcoin and talk about “The Flippening”. Why? Probably just because they are two OG cryptos and by far the most safe ones. There is literally no other similarity you can find here. They are very different from each other.

While Bitcoin has been seen as a currency by most and even is accepted as one in some countries. Ethereum clearly is not a currency of you just look at the fees but even if the fees get lower, it’s still not a currency. Ethereum is meant to be about smart contracts and decentralized applications in crypto and as we can see ETH had a very huge ecosystem around that.

Comparing them both is stupid because at the end of the day both will prevail and be successful together and more importantly both are needed for Cryptos future.

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