Whoops… I just converted 280 MOONs to coins on accident. Is there anything I can do to undo that?


I checked my Reddit inbox and it said that I had collected 700 coins because of a premium membership. However, I am not paying for premium membership so I was confused why I got these coins.

I went to check my balance and it said I had 700 coins so I clicked the convert button next to this r/CryptoCurrency and I thought it was converting coins into 280 moons. After the transaction completed, I realized it was the opposite. Now I am down to 59 moons from 308 moons.

Is there anything I can do to undo that?

UPDATE: what a waste of money. 280 MOONs has a value of $42. Now I’m supposed to award people these useless coins because there’s nothing else to do with them? 😱🤣😳😭🤢🤮😵🥴😂 I’m feeling all the emotions right now lol

UPDATE 2: Thank you everyone for the moons and kindness 🙏🙏 I really wasn’t looking for a handout. Just wanted my moons back, but thank you to those that sent some! You’ve been given awards ☺️

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