Who is ready for tomorrow’s FED announcement? Prepared for any scenario?


Pretty much the title. I am keeping some fiat on exchange ready to push the buy button if the announcement over the interest rates hike will be “softer” than expected. Or viceversa, thinking whether it is the case to put a stop loss in case of hawkish news (in order to sell now and re-buy later)

Also today we had a bit of decoupling between tech stock performances and crypto, which – at this point – came a bit unexpected. Stocks went generally down today and look like they are fearful of tomorrow’s news….

Crypto fundamentals have not changed, and maybe part of the interest rates hike effect is already discounted in today low crypto prices

Anyways, it will probably make sense to wait tomorrow news before further buying the dip

Maybe it’s my confirmation bias or some reckless optimism but…I feel I have a bit of hope for tomorrow 🤞🏼

How will you behave? Are you ready to take action tomorrow or will wait more for the market to stabilise?

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