Whitepaper’s today is nothing more than a long list of promises like that of a politician’s manifesto before election!


Whitepaper used to be very important document of a Crypto project but with time some people brought a bad name to whitepaper and become a tool to steal people’s money.

People behind scam coin’s used whitepaper to lure investors, mostly newcomers to invest their money into their scam coin, and when they got control over people’s money then they pulled the rug and ran off with people’s money.

Satoshi released BTC’s whitepaper to introduce what he has created, the purpose behind creating it and how BTC can be used. After BTC, whitepaper continues to hold a good reputation and investors look at it as a reliable document on which they can trust while putting their hard earned money.

But with time the meaning and importance of whitepaper has changed and there are thousands of Coin’s claiming to solve different problems, with different use cases in their respective whitepapers.

Simply whitepaper turned into a list of promises less of achievements to make you believe and with the motive to take control of your money.Once the people behind a project have control of your money then the rules, promises can change any time. There are hundreds of examples infront of you, where whitepaper claimed to achieve so many good things in future, but after taking your money, the whitepaper means nothing and the intentions,vision gets changed overnight.

TL,DR : The meaning,importance of Whitepaper is no longer the same which is supposed to be back then.

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