Which trend are you certain will be hot trend in 2022?


In the past year we have seen remarkable growth in the crypto world.

The first is the explosive growth of the play-to-earn trend from game projects. There have been a lot of game projects that have been quite successful and exploded with madness, but with entertainment as the main thing, a lot of game projects have bubbled up, and are not viable. Do we need to look carefully if we want to invest in play to earn projects, many of which are created but have no product, or are abandoned halfway.

Then there are NFT projects; using NFT to limit piracy and steal other people’s brains is a pretty great thing. There have also been many successful people starting an NFT project of their own. This gives authors more peace of mind in creating their work. I’ve come across some pretty cool projects that apply NFT to art, book publishing, and music. It’s quite interesting that product ownership is transparent on the blockchain.

Then there are metaverse projects. A lot of big companies have talked about metaverse; recently, metaverse projects have started to attract a lot of interest. I haven’t researched much about metaverse, but maybe this is the trend. new direction for 2022.

Recently, people have also talked about Web 3.0 a lot. A lot of breakthroughs and applications, of Web 3.0 is put into practice, decentralization and decision by the community, helping users not to be dominated like today is great. I think it will Web 3.0 is still a long way from coming into our reality.

Personally, I still have positive views about NFT projects with high practicality, NFT projects about art, books or music. Which trend do you think will be the main trend for 2022?

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