Which crypto are you most bearish on despite this sub being bullish on?


Pretty straightforward. This sub is bullish on quite a few projects. Of this sub’s favorites, which one do you go against the grain on and are actually bearish?

I’ll start: ALGO

Disclaimer: I do own a small bag of ALGO.

I was quite bullish on ALGO when it was below $1, but now I’m not so sure. It saw a big run up with other L1s in autumn such as SOL, AVAX, LUNA, etc. However, those coins run ups coincided with great increases in Total Value Locked (TVL). ALGO, on the other hand, did not see that rise. I still think ALGO has great potential and governance rewards are great, but I’m short term bearish on this project until we start seeing more dApps appear on it.

With my opinion that you definitely don’t care about out of the way, what coin are you bearish on?

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