Which coin has no reason being in TOP 50 and yet it does?


Title is pretty self explanatory, tell which coin stands as the worst one amongst TOP 50 market cap coins. Let others know that this one will be dead in next few years.

Let me begin! –

Shiba Inu, bro where do I begin? It was born just of the Doge hype that was around that time coupling that with a decently smart trick that devs pulled out on Vitalik Buterin. Usually shitcoin devs send him their coin on the main wallet to tell everyone else that Vitalik is a big holder of their waste. He usually deletes it or sends off those assets quite quickly. This time Shiba Inu devs sent the shitcoin to hes cold storage wallet. He was abroad and couldn’t access the wallet in time and when he did few weeks later the coin had already gathered enough hype around it that it had risen amongst top 25 which is completely insane. Tho he donated most of it to charity making it the biggest use case that coin probably will ever see!

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