Where to park your savings


With world turning to shit and recession, depression, hyperinflation, stagflation or whatever is coming, where would one park his savings? I know, I know, best to diversify but let’s speculate for a moment

M1 chart looks like an alt that has been listed simultaneously on coinbase and binance

Stock market is crashing and people are predicting 1929

Bond market is full of zombie companies that have been refinancing for decades and legit companies offer good for nothing yields

Bitcoin is dead for the 449th time

Gold is going down and if you invested 10 years ago you would almost be in the red

Real estate is nearing 2008 bubble and I find it hard to rationalize that it is prime time to buy

And lastly, energy commodities are also skyrocketing at the moment

So yeah, what would be the best asset for times like these. If you asked me this 10 years ago I would have immediately said gold but now I am not that sure anymore. We had the biggest monetary expansion in history and gold is up just 10%

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