Where did the “100K EOY experts” go?


I was wondering, where are all the experts and analysts who a month ago were predicting and shouting to the sky BTC 100K, ETH 10K?

Just to “save” those who posted nonesense ive saved some “news portals” who were saying this just to get those sweet and juicy clicks.

There are dozens of examples but i’ll post 8 from BTC and 4 from ETH, lets go:


Yahoo Finance BTC 100K CNBC about CoinList BTC 100K Express UK BTC WILL SURGE PAST 68K TO 100K FinanceMagnates and Mike McGlone BTC 100K epic charts Forbes with Alexander Puutio BTC “60k wont be the end of the bullrun” TIME saying BTC 100k Gadgets360 saying BTC will hit 100K EOY NASDAQ SAYING BTC MAY HIT 100K EOY


INSIDER ETH PRICE PREDICTION 10K EOY TRADING EDUCATION ” The expert believes Ethereum (ETH) and Bitcoin (BTC) will have a market capitalization of a combined $4.5 trillion “ YAHOO saying Megan Kaspar is sure ETH 10K EOY EXPRESS UK – ETH 10K EOY

For all new investors, let this be proof that no one knows anything at all concretely, all the time we are seeing “experts” and “analysts” predicting and being sure of things that are not real.

It is really good to read the news and stay informed, but we must always bear in mind this type of misinformation that affects a large part of investors.

There are still 17 days until the end of the year and all the predictions can happen although now we are in extreme fear and most think that we entered a bear market and that it was “obvious” that all this “was coming”.

Nobody knows anything, if they knew how to anticipate the market all those who are giving “advice” would be millionaires and would not be writing nonsense.

It is not the first time that this has happened in the crypto world and it will not be the last, I think it is healthy to keep a memory of these attitudes since they influence much more people who are just starting to invest.

Left “100k EOY tweets” aside because there are too many to list here.

Do you have any other page that has said and alleged all this and is now very quiet?

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