When you start seeing random pumps of 600-800% on random coins.. It is time.


I’m seeing more green dildos than I have seen for sometime. And not just ordinary green dildos but the gigantic eye sore variety. They are steeper, greener and occurring more frequently. Not 20-30% increases but Increases of hundreds to thousands of % in hours.

As we know bitcoin and crypto is by design built by a 4 year cycle (halving). Without fail, this cycle holds true and rewards those who play to them.

Back in October 15th 2017 when Bitcoin was $4,930 similar events were occurring. And by December Bitcoin had hit new all time highs settling eventually at $16,300 in December.

These green events are so in step with previous bull run cycles. The spasms in random alt coins are a sign big money is suiting up.

I hope your bags are packed. And I hope your bag is filled with many green toys.

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