When we’re at ATHs, the meme coin casino opens up. Be mindful that investing in them is gambling, and that if gambling has been a problem for you in the past be careful and self-aware of what you are doing. Because it’s not investing.


Seems to be a recurring theme, which was last experienced in May, that once the real projects peak and top ATHs, the meme coin casino opens up.

Some prominent stars of the club currently include our beloved Shiba, but thanks to this sub more than anything inadvertently pumping it, I’ve noticed Dogelon Mars Rover 5000 also has cracked the top 100 for some unknown reason (I might have the name slightly wrong, perhaps intentionally).

There’s nothing wrong with entering the meme mania, but you have to acknowledge that these bets are purely gambling. You aren’t investing, and while it’s okay to gamble (I mean, I’ve been to casinos before), please check yourselves if you have a past history with gambling that could cause you issues – because this isn’t any different.

For anyone keen to maintain investing strategies, don’t feel pressured to have to hit the cas.

The solid tangible projects began this rush, and they’ll sustain it long after the thousands of baseless upstarts (e.g dogetesla galactic pumpkin) come and go – they are great places to have your money and you shouldn’t feel pressured to join that craze.

TL:DR – Meme coins are a casino based on pure gambling mentality, be aware of this if gambling has been a problem for you in the past. Proper projects began this rush, will maintain it, and will endure after it.

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