When we hit a dip, the onslaught of people with “I TOLD YOU ITS SCAM” is the reason why I don’t tell anyone that I invest in crypto.


Even though crypto has had an amazing year and that many projects reached insane new all time highs, when the dip or correction comes, media and all outlets go berserk on crypto like it’s dead even though it’s in a healthy position even after the “crash” as they call it.

Avoiding articles online is easy but avoiding your extended family (and sometimes even close family) isn’t so easy usually. Christmas and new year is coming and many people are visiting families and having family gatherings including me. I just wanted to give you a heads up that, if you tell them that you invest in crypto you will NEVER get a break from their nagging and “I told you so, it’s all thin air” when the dip or god forbid a bear market comes.

Once I accidentally told my uncle that I have some small portfolio in crypto and that made me regret it forever. From being told that I’m a moron and too poor for investing in something like crypto to constant reminders every dip that it’s all a “ponzi anyway”.

Trust me, regardless of how much you want to tell people how amazing and how bright future crypto has, it’s so much more zen to simply keep your mouth shut about it and keep on pretending that you aren’t even interested in crypto let alone invested in.

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