When was the last time you actually did your own research and what did that look like?


DYOR. It’s one of the most popular mantras of this sub, up there with DCA and HODL. And there are a lot of ways to DYOR in crypto and plenty to learn. But for how much the phrase is thrown around here, how often do you actually do it? And what does “do your own research” actually look like for you?

As it looks like we’re in bear market territory, it’s a great time to be doing research and educating yourself about your coins and crypto in general because let’s face it, otherwise, there’s not much to do besides look at the charts and long for greener days.

Don’t get me wrong though, it’s something I need to get better at. I mainly invest in BTC and ETH so I don’t feel like there’s a ton of research needed to be done there but there’s always more to learn. And even if I don’t invest in many alts, I still like to know what different alts do and why people like/don’t like them.

Besides reading headlines on this sub, right now my quick way of doing research about a coin is watching a Coin Bureau video or two and checking out their website. But I’d love to hear other ways you all do research or stay up to date on coins.

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