When do you think you’ll be able to retire because of your crypto investments?


I’ve been in crypto maybe a year. I had high hopes of retiring this January and it could still happen. I’ve got a substantial amount in ETH staked, also providing some safer low interest liquidity, and joined some BTC mining pools. Now if ETH goes to 10k and BTC to 100k around 2022, I think I’ll be set. That’s said I’ve learned to tamp down my enthusiasm due to the wild swings we have. I also learned to stick with ETH and BTC mostly. I’m really enthusiastic about them hitting 10k and 100k respectively. I’m tempted to get into more tokens, or projects but I can’t afford to gamble too much.

That said, what investments do you have that’s you think will alow you to retire, and how long before you think that may happen? I feel highly confident in ETH and BTC, so I’m just trying to get a feel for people’s confidence here on other projects. Not long shots, but what you think you’ll retire because of. (Yes I know, it’s all long shots but you know what I mean. Also this IS part of my DYOR.)

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