When Bitcoin goes to $100k, I’m going all in.


Let’s be honest, I’ve been in this space for over ten years and nothing has made me buy more Bitcoin than FOMOing in at the top. In the long run, it’s never mattered. As a newb, the dips would scare me but I’d keep DCAing in away anyway. But when we hit peaks, boy that’s when I really started FOMOing in my full paychecks during a DCA buy ins.

I don’t expect to stop that tradition anytime soon. So while you’re all waiting for $10k to go all in, I’m staying true to my bad old habits that will never die and have served me well. I’ll Fomo in everything I got just as I’ve done every time before. In the long run, it’s always never mattered how high I bought in at anyway. So as my motto goes, buy high, never sell

So eff all the waiting for the dips to buy. My DCA stays the same no matter how low we go, because that’s how dumb the emotions and decision making of my monkey brain is. The only thing that is getting my ass to FOMO in some serious feria is a new all time high price

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