Whatsapp rival Signal adds Crypto payments feature, BULLISH!


Whatsapp rival, the encrypted open source messaging app Signal, focussed on privacy retention, integrated support for MobileCoin cryptocurrency to enable users to send payments within it’s encrypted network

MobileCoin is a form of digital cash designed to work efficiently on mobile devices while protecting users’ privacy and even their anonymity.

Unlike payment features in other messaging apps like WhatsApp, where users have to link bank accounts, Signal aims to provide a payment method which only the sender and receiver can track using the public ledger blockchain

Why Mobilecoin? Although Zcash and monero exist, they usually take minutes to confirm transactions, as opposed to mobilecoin, giving a feel of venmo

Mainstream adoption is the way to go for crypto, and with Signal integrating crypto on its platform, it is very bullish for crypto in general, which might soon replace fiat at the rate is being adopted

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