What’s your current strategy in this market?


With the dress rehearsal / test net of Ropsten behind us this past week, and prices dipping across the board, what’s your strategy, generally or with Eth?

Is it long term ‘buying the dip?’ Is it waiting to see where the bottom lies? Or is it DCA and ignore it for a year? Specifically with Eth, but what’s your strategy / M.O. right now?

I’m DCA though I have shifted some of what goes to savings into Eth DCA right now while the price is low.

But yeah, test net means Merge is even closer, sharding demos, difficulty bomb delayed, showing bullish sentiment on the merge from the Devs:

Week in Ethereum News June 11, 2022 – Week in Ethereum News

The Inter-Chain EVM Contracts. dTypeDB: The Inter-Chain Database – Demo 1 – YouTube

Ethereum Developers Announce Further Delay of ‘Difficulty Bomb’ (beincrypto.com)

Even with the markets overall in need of Imodium, or perhaps, especially with the economic diarhea, what are you planning now? Personally, DCA Eth and a little matic for the L2 exposure and gas fees since L2s are driving the cost per transaction down a ton.

What else are you looking at right now? How are you approaching the milkshake diet the market is experience?

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