What’s with all these “take profits” posts everywhere?


Let me tell you a story. Back in 2017, i bought $10k worth of xrp when it was $0.10. Held onto it for almost a year (xrp seemed like it was the last coin to take off but it REALLY took off) and it kept going up and up. When it went up to $0.80 (8x my original investment) i said this is enough, im gonna take this profit and i pressed the sell button. Guess what… it kept going up and up. It was up EVERYTIME i pressed the refresh button for like two weeks. At the end, it went up to nearly $4.00!!!! And let me tell you, seeing something take off like that AFTER i sold was the most painful thing i have ever experienced. It was worst than losing 99% on my other shit coins during the bear market. So let it be known, seeing your holdings skyrocket after you take some profits is the most painful thing you’ll ever experience.

Now down vote me, I don’t care.

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