What’s a coin that was popular and had a lot of hype at one time, but now completely died down?


I remember few years ago hanging with my friend who was showing me crypto. I saw a list of the most active crypto with BTC trading at around 2k I believe and ETH at 100. I was an idiot and told him how I wasn’t sold on the world of crypto, but that was when I was a broke student and now I hold a good amount of crypto. The reason I ask this question is the top 100 was nothing like it was today. I remember him talking about Ripple like it was the next big play, but now no one talks about it.

My question is more directed to coins that had an immense amount of hype behind it and now you rarely hear about it or simply it became a failed project. I believe this question is a good one for people to have an understanding of what to look for or how not all projects survive after a bit of time.

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