What will you HODL over the next few years and what’s your plan?


I think most people here in the world have the sentiment that we are heading into a recession.

What is your plan?

Will you only hold certain crypto, will you sell some altcoins or carry on as normal?

I think there’s the old faithful of BTC and even ETH but just wondering what everyone else’s plan is.

Im going to continue holding BTC,ETH,LTC,CRO and then i want to get some ALGO again and maybe even a small amount of XRP.

I lolled £10 into LUNA just in the 0.00001% chance theres a price shift i can make a bit of money(it’s obviously a gamble)

I also want to bag some more of what i hold while the prices are so low, obviously it could drop more but i think in the long run we’ll be hitting ATH’s again.

I know this is a crypto sub but will you buy/sell any other assets before/during/after a recession?

Good luck either way and i look forward to replies.

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