What will trigger the mass adoption of crypto


Ok, let’s try to have a discussion and put on the table some ideas about what will trigger the mass adoption of crypto. Now technology is not anymore a barrier, everyone have a smartphone and everyone already have to deal with home banking, Amazon and so on. Money are more and more virtual, in some country cash already disappeared. In my opinion now is time for next step. I was thinking that the only way is that shops will start display prices in double currency, fiat and BTC (or other). Crypto will not have a so called ‘real’ value till they are associated to goods. A pizza was purchased in BTC in 2010, but since then, why very few shops started adoption of crypto? I cannot understand why this process is so slow. Theoretically a shop could accept crypto as payment and declare the income, or am I missing something? We are in 2022 and I think the population is missing out big. Seem like we are waiting govs to regulate crypto before even using them; and we wait for regulate something that was supposed to be free. I’m a simple slave working 9/5, but if I had a business I would definitively accept crypto.

The real revolution in my opinion can come only from small businesses, started displaying and accepting payments in BTC.

Financial institutions adopting Bitcoin are just trying to shape the market for their profit.

Just want to put this down and trigger some interesting discussion

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