What will be the first coin you buy in 2022?


The clock chimes 12 and suddenly we are in a new year. People are out celebrating, lighting fireworks and having the times of their lives. However you are in your room, on your computer, looking at the charts on one tab and furiously shitposting on the other tab. After a while you check your bank account, you have $300 in there that you’re not doing anything with. So you think ‘Hey, I’m gonna buy some crypto. That money is just being eaten by inflation if I just leave it there.’ So you put that money into your fiat wallet on your preferred exchange and prepare yourself. But you stop, what am I going yo buy? BTC is still around 50k which is a good price to get in at for the future. But it’s New Year’s Eve, you’re feeling lucky, maybe even reckless, what will give you those 10x gains?

I put this question to you guys now, what will you be buying first in 2022? Will you just continue your automated DCAing or will you try to secure a good trade that you know will pump soon?

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