What to do when husband is really cheap?


As the title says, I have a bit of a husband problem.

I am trying to somewhat enjoy my life at the moment, but my husband is really cheap. And this is really impacting how much I can enjoy my life.

He is the primary income maker in our family, and he refuses to let me see any of it. I try to suggest one meal out a month, even just to Wendy’s, I have to keep up my appearance for him and I like the occasional shopping trip but he just says no, that the money is to YOLO into Doge. And he says I have expensive taste for wanting to go and visit my parents in a different state but he’s the one who keeps saying we’re going to the moon soon, like that’s gonna be cheap!

I have tried explaining to him that I sacrificed my career for his and I deserve to have a bit of fun, but he keeps telling me we can retire next year with his investments. I saw he was up $5 on Safemoon so asked for a new hot wheels toy but he’s having none of it.

How do you lot deal with your husband’s? Do they support you or do they just check the charts 24/7? And any advice for my situation?

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