What the flair below your username means and how you can change it


The flair below your name gives you in insight into your activity.

Tin, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum are different tiers based on the percentile of QCs. Platinum gives you the privilege to set up your own custom flair. Users are placed into tiers based on the highest percentile they qualify for rather than the total QC points they have.

Tier Distribution Tin 100% – 90% Bronze 90% – 50% Silver 50% – 25% Gold 25% – 10% Platinum 10% – 1%

QC stands for “quality comments,” comments with 3+ upvotes, and which subs you are in that have the most QC. This can include up to three crypto related subs.

The last section will display your most used subs from a list of specific trader, mining and general tech subs.


If you are Platinum tier, you are able to change your user flair yourself. You will have to send a PM message, not chat, to /u/InstaMod. If you desire no visual flair changes, leave the CSS portion blank.

Note: The pre-formatted will not work on mobile


Message syntax:

Subject:!CryptoCurrency !flair Body: Flair Text: text goes here Flair CSS: css goes here




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