What the F is going on with the price trackers and Coinbase


This sub seems to be flooded with people showing off their mad gainz on CMC, Coinbase and other price trackers.

I see them too and I came here looking for answers but all I got was more screenshots of fake insane gainz !!!

Coinbase app seems to throw errors left and right.

As far as I understand a lot of apps are affected because they use the same API but Coingecko is still working as intended ( showing a slight up trend, not the humongous gainz )

Can anyone shed some light on this ? Should we panic or keep calm?

Also for those dreaming such a market would be a reality, can you imagine the inflation needed and the stupendous prices of every day stuff in said market?

Ridiculous !

Have fun Boyz!

EDIT: Ditch CMC, CoinGecko is more independent and superior in every way ! ( and CMC copied their swag store…bad CZ ! )

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