What other crypto tokens/ideas seem like a scam?


We all know how Luna unfolded. For those who lost your money, i am sorry. It seemed that it was easy to get caught up in the hype and disregard what was happening in reality. A few months ago, UST/Luna was hyped as the next best stablecoin. I remember seeing PTs for Luna well into the thousands. Any criticism of UST/Luna would be downvoted to oblivion. Hindsight is 20/20 as Do Kwon was obviously doing and saying some shady shit.

What other crypto’s scream scam?

I throw mine out, as most P2E seems like a giant scam. I’ll go one step further with Gala Games in general. Back in November, Gala hit an ATH and the hype seemed as it has just begun. Gala all of a sudden started coming out with many new ideas for games such as a sims-model business game and a walking dead parody game. However, as months go by, instead of finishing the aforementioned games/concepts it just seems as they have to hype up something new such as music NFTs/blockchain/new games. It just screams scam. Not to mention that one of their only working products, Town Star, forces players to first pay hundreds of dollars to play and thousands of dollars before they start to see any real progress.

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