What methods are you using to earn passive income and with what assets


Passive income is a huge deal and is what will make you stand out from the rest of the crowd.

Earning money on a daily basis for basically doing nothing is what the billionaires of the world do to maintain their wealth. I mean, there is a reason why they are rich and this is one of them.

Crypto has made it poasible for many of us to earn an income next to our work with a much smaller ampunt of money than was previously needed.

I personally stake most my crypto.

-I use my Ledger to stake DOT

-My Grt i will stake once ETH 2.0 comes out cause now the fees are not worth it.

-Staking ADA on daedalus

-My Zil i have been staking for momths and earning 15% plus some Gzil

-A portion of my BTC is also being staked on Swissborg

-At the same time i have some coins on the BSC that i stake and are more risky since they are small caps but i earn crazy APY on these.

-I also use Rollercoin and BitcpinMania for a tiny extra income.

-Finally i use Crypto.com for spotify, so spotify is free and also have a Plutus Card which gives crazy discounts on any purchases and awesome payouts for certain companies such as Nike Lenovo Apple and other big names, im talking about 10 even 20% discount in some cases(best card out there imo will make a post later on it).

My next goal is to achieve a certain goal in stablecoins that i will then put into Nexo to earn 10% APY and one other app probably celsius so that i spread the risk.

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