What made you finally dip your toes in cryptocurrencies


I’ve been interested and kept hearing about this new technology for a while but somehow never got into it for some reason.

For me the tipping point that pushed me into crypto was a single post that randomly showed up on my Reddit while I was browsing for some skate videos. If I recall correctly it was an analysis of Ethereum and how it could scale up in the future. I was on the toilet at that time and I tried reading it but I had no clue what that dude was talking about so I swiped back to this sub where the post originated from and started seeing all those funny pictures about crypto. From those picturememes I started to get interested in the background of them and eventually started reading more and more about crypto. Those were the very reason I made my first investment. I know it’s a completely stupid reason but its the truth.

What was your tipping point that got you in?

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