What is your favorite “eco-friendly” coin and why should someone invest in it as an alt?


Back in spring and summer one big talking point was the climate impact of mining Bitcoin (among others). This was the conversation that got me started in crypto.

I want to hear what your favorite green coin is and why you think it’s worth a look. I’m including a list of some below, but I’m sure there are more. And I’m sure some are better in this regard than others.

ALGO – Uses PoS and claims to be a carbon neutral network

BURST – Honestly have never heard of this until today. It uses proof of capacity for mining and supposedly only uses the power consumed equivalent to your computer idling.

NANO – Uses block lattice technology to remain energy efficient while still relying on PoW.

MINA – A newer coin intending to use zk-SNARKS and maintain a lightweight blockchain. This one seems intriguing.

XLM – Uses a consensus protocol which has a shorter authentication cycle…thereby using less energy.

Others that appear in lists of green coins from time to time: MetaHash, XRP, Chia, Iota.

I’d love to hear about others and see what people think about those on this list.

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