What is the one coin you would never sell?


We all have our own dear coin/token, which has earned a special place in our hearts. A coin which you would never sell, no matter the price. A coin you would keep even if the price plummeted or skyrocketed to moon.

As for me, I would have to go with Bitcoin. It was my first coin that I ever owned, it’s sort of like a blue chip coin which means it’s nothing flashy, just ol’ reliable OG coin. But I do have to admit BTC isn’t perfect either. Mostly I’m worried about the distant future, as we all know the mining rewards will diminish every halving cycle, and there might come a point at which miners will no longer find it profitable to mine and they may abandon the original chain a go fork another. But that’s a very distant future, I’m talking 20 or more years, and lots of stuff will definitely change until then.

And what about your favorite coin?

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