What is life changing money for you? No Lambo , all I need is a normal life when I could buy products without looking at its price everytime


When people saying I’m in Crypto for life changing money , I really wonder what that means. I mean each person will have different ideas and goals to lead their life. There are few who need a lambo but most of us in here at using crypto as the only hope to come out of poverty. We don’t need fancy cars but to live happily without any problem.

Crypto is the only asset out there which gives us a hope one day our life will be changed and we’re not asking for a rich life but a stable life.

Crypto will be my way of changing my life so that I wouldn’t have to worry about any emergency situation.

With crypto I can go to work just because I love to and not because I have to, there’s a huge advantage in there. What’s your life changing money or how do you want crypto to change your life? I would like to hear from everyone about this

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