What is going on with these CRO posts lately? I feel like this sub became a paid Ad for Crypto.com


Its a bit fishy isn’t?

There are so many posts about the highly positive effects of this centralized exchange and how it is changing the world that we are living in!

Then there are numerous “reviews” how Crypto.com is a game changer, and their card is something that is disrupting the entire crypto exchange space

Sorry, but it seems like that there is a huge marketing campaign from the Crypto.com team and they are targetting almost all Crypto related groups and websites, and I have feeling that this sub is one of their targets, creating shills and posts all the time, backed up by a army of likes that don’t seem organic.

I just don’t see the “revolution” that they are bringing into the game and I still feel that they have to work hard to reach a level of Binance and Coinbase.

Am I the only one feeling like that?

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