What is Banano ($BAN) ? A very small presentation !


Disclaimer: I own a few thousands Banano (2300) which I got from distribution, I have never invested in Banano nor am I saying you should do it.

You may have heard of this coin on this subreddit and asked yourselves, WTF is a Banano???

1) What is Banano :

Banano is a fork of Nano. It has the same feelessness and instantness but is also fun.

In what they call their « yellow paper » they proclaim the following :

BANANO: a Feeless, Instant, Rich in Potassium Cryptocurrency Powered by DAG Technology Disrupting the Meme Economy

Their slogan is Don’t let your memes be dreams.

If you want to get into the nitty gritty stuff they have a yellow paper https://banano.cc/yellowpaper/

Some information in the yellow paper is not up to date anymore.

Complementary information can be found at the followings: https://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/banano/



The Banano Subreddit can help you too.

To get your first Bananos you can find a list of faucets on their subreddit.

2) How Banano is used?
So Banano is a meme coin which is currently being distributed but also a coin which is heavily used for tipping.

There are also multiple services, some for gambling, others for video sharing.

3) Banano Extended universe:

Banano has also NFTs which are freely distributed called CryptoMonKeys.

They also make cool community events and promote meme making and wholesomeness. For example poetry contest, poker tournaments, chess tournaments etc.

4) Banano best aspect: The community!

Frankly, be it on discord, or reddit, Banano community is welcoming and wholesome. People are chill, and price is rarely the focus of their discussions ! It is welcoming of beginners, and it is welcoming of beginners.

So now you know what is the Banano you keep hearing about.

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