What if the US Congress was replaced with a smart contract?


Think about it, every US citizen gets issued one VOTE token, and people can propose changes to governance to be voted on by the population.

Obviousely we are decades away, but imagine a world where partisian bickering and pandering to an electorate doesn’t erode the lives of the population.

Is it possible a world could exist where politicians relinquesh control in the name of governance?

We wouldn’t even need congress to “protect” us from big bad banks because people would put money where it made sense for them.

Instead of relying in investment managers to direct our funds through vehicles only viable because of dollars greasing the wheels with congress.

The greatest Ponzi of all, the “money circle of life”: poor > rich, rich > banks, banks > politicians, politicians > token “subsidies” to poor; upended into a codified governance protocol.

I guess it’s been a while since I posted, so 500 words is an issue. I probably should have shared a link to an article posted 400 times today…

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