What happens to the ETH in my cold wallet after the merge?


Title says it.

I’ve seen that exchanges will support the merge, in the sense that you’ll get your ETH2 tokens and keep the PoW ones in the PoW chain, right? Is this also the case for ETH in cold wallets?

Do I get to keep the “old” ETH in addition to getting the “new” one? And if so, is there anything to do from my part, other than waiting for the merge to finally happen?

Are there any differences between cold wallets in this sense? E.g. Trezor will make it easier or whatever.

I did not see any posts answering this so far, only when it comes to the exchanges supporting it. Since I’ve got nothing on exchanges right now, I’m a bit worried I have to do something.

Anyway thanks for your insights and have a nice week!

EDIT: will the PoW chain cease to exist?

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