What happens to confiscated USDT does anyone know?


When Tether are burning blacklisted user funds. What do they do with the actual corresponding assets in their reserves? Do they hand it to police?

I wonder what is the work protocol that Theter are going by regarding the process of burning USDT of “_evilUser”(as their contract calls it). What is the procedure of decision as for who gets their funds taken away?

Anyone knows something about that?

Here’s some related information so I’d fit 500 chars:
This is from the USDT contract.
This is how Theter can block a user from conducting transactions of USDT:

function addBlackList (address _evilUser) public onlyOwner { isBlackListed[_evilUser] = true; AddedBlackList(_evilUser); }

Then this how they burn his USDT (or otherwise they would revoke the blacklist and release him)

function destroyBlackFunds (address _blackListedUser) public onlyOwner { require(isBlackListed[_blackListedUser]); uint dirtyFunds = balanceOf(_blackListedUser); balances[_blackListedUser] = 0; _totalSupply -= dirtyFunds; DestroyedBlackFunds(_blackListedUser, dirtyFunds); }

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