What happens if I don’t pay my crypto taxes


So I honestly have no idea how the heck I would go about figuring out my taxes. I have a bout 40-50 different cryptos that I started heavily DCA’ing into small amounts at a time, starting around February. After getting burned when Crypty.com stole 3 of my BTC and millions of DOGE and lots of LTC years ago I finally decided to get back into the market.

All of my Crypto.com, and robin hood transactions are pretty straightforward I would just download the CVS file or look at my transactions. But my Coinbase stuff is weird because I was transferring back and forth to Coinbase Pro and making trades. I don’t see where to see my transactions on Bitmart. Also I have Coinbase wallet in which I sent a lot of Eth to buy stuff on Uniswap and I don’t see a record of transactions on their either.

What happens if I just sell all my shit and don’t pay any taxes, would I be fucked? I’m not high income or anything and while it’s 5 figures it’s not a massive amount of money. I honestly just don’t know where to start on the tax stuff. My grandma always does my taxes. I have sold some crypto some years in the past and never claimed taxes but it wasn’t nearly this much.

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