What happened to Nano?


I don’t get it? Zero fees, instant transactions, but yet it seems to be frowned on by many. Why did it not blow up? How is it not on Coinbase? Am I missing something? I have used nano to send small sums of money between friends and it always works so well. I even accepted Nano for a market place sell once. The buyer was so excited when he found out that I accepted crypto. Could nano ever come back in a big way?

I know that Nano is peer to peer, and works in a much different way than say BTC or ETH. Does this make Nano less secure, or is it simply a lack of “innovation”?

Full disclosure: I have less than 10 Nano. I’m not looking for this to pump. I just want so insight on why it went from “neat-O” to “meh” over time.

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