What Coins/Tokens You ACTUALLY Use?


I mean, coins/tokens which you don’t hold for profit (ofc I know there are times you need to sell for realizing the juice).

Also, please explain what are you using them for. No shilling, just write your coin/ttoken and what are you using them. No need for “… and has great ecosystem etcetc” Just the coin/token, and what are you using them for.

For me:

XMR – if I happen to find some, I’m using that to buy goods and services

XLM – if I want to transfer for basically 0 fee, I convert the asset to XLM, send it to xy exchange/whatever, convert back to the asset I want

Doge – This may not be relevant, but I like sending 1 Doge to friends at random intervals.

I use some more crypto for staking/getting airdrops, but those I would consider profiting, not a use case.

And… basically that’s it for me. These are the coins I USE, and I don’t hodl them for profit. The Doge one MIGHT be considered “hodling”, because as I said I like to send them to friends, have like 800 or so. But I’m not holding those for profs, those all will be sent out eventually.

What about you?

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