What are your strategies for getting your regular DCA to your cold storage as cheap as possible?


So I just recently moved most of my coins from CEXs, and now I am thinking about the best strategies to move my regular DCA into cold storage in the most cost-effective way. These are the things I am considering in this regard:

Do you just stick with a few CEXs that have lower withdrawal fees in general, but not necessarily the lowest for each coin? Or do you use as many CEXs as necessary to get the lowest withdrawal fees (using sites like withdrawalfees)?

Do you withdraw every time you DCA, or do you wait multiple DCA cycles and move it once you reach a higher amount to save on the withdrawal fees?

Do you withdraw your coins on the L1 network (i.e. ETH on the ETH network) or use an L2 network (Polygon, etc.) What are the pros and cons of using L2 apart from the fees?

Are sites like Uniswap or Pancake swap useful in this regard or is it generally cheaper just to buy a coin at a DEX and withdraw it to cold storage from there?

So what are your strategies, and am I missing something?

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