What are your favorite coins between 100 – 200 on Coinmarketcap?


Looking back over the previous year i noticed that my biggest gains were Coins that were medium cap, had strong fundamentals and eventually became large (or much bigger medium caps). Im talking about the likes of solana, Terra, Avalance, Matic, Harmony one etc. They were able to break their way into the top 100, 50 and even top 20.

Small caps obviously have the most room to grow but the chances of finding truly solid small caps that will move and stick around are low. As such i believe medium caps are a safer and better risk option. So what are your favorite coins between 100 – 200 on coinmarketcap. Which coins do you think could break into the top 100?

A few of mine are Origintrail, Nervos (CKB) and moonriver

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