What are your accumulation goals during this winter cycle !!??


My goals to accumulate are

Matic : 3000/10000 Sol: 11/100 Eth: 2/10 Doge :16,000/100,000

So I’ve started my second job delivering pizza so I can buy these coins during the price cut and drop my average really low .

My capital from 27k invested went to 35k in total but I never sold and lost all profits and my capital dropped to 9k which hurt. So during this time I’m dumped all coins to stake and just keep buying.

I know I should invest in btc butttt I’m a degen ape and I love my alt coins. My fave coin and project is matic and I see the team working continuously with new ways to intergrade matic. During this winter I’ve put all my alt coins into staking another reason I love my alts so I’m just letting it farm more coins in the process.

What are your goals and believe in … love to ready recommendations

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