What are you people buying right now?


Literally every top coin is hitting ATH recently. BTC, ETH, DOT and SOL to name a few. So in this bullrun, what are you people buying? I am looking into coins that hasn’t reached ATH yet like LINK, MATIC, XRP, ADA etc. But during a bullrun it’s really hard to decide where to put that extra DCA money. Obviously, following my routine but I am thinking of decreasing the BTC and ETH ratio try putting in extra cash into ALTs.

What do you people suggest? I hold DOT, LINK, MATIC and ALGO (my wife would not let me sell it, she said she likes the name). Recently heard about Loopring but seeing it go parabolic, I am holding my horses. FTM is another candidate I bought some while ago. This sub has suggested several coins in past that was actually profitable (ALGO and ADA included).

Now, I am here out in the wild asking those random internet people to suggest some solid projects to invest (DCA actually) in during a bullrun. May the crypto lords answer my prayer!

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