What are you best ways to earn Crypto Passively⁉️


Hi Guys so I am just wondering what are your best ways to earn crypto passively? I’ll share some of my best ways below🙏

1 Esportsfightclub

They currently have a watch and earn programme where you can earn EFC points just for watching streams which you can convert to VRA. Last campaign limit was 31500 EFC points with a conversion rate of 2.5 EFC > 1 which was roughly around 13K VRA which is currently around $400

2 Staking Luna in Terrastation

So currently I earn around 7% for staking Luna in there wallet (soon to increase with the Colombus-5 upgrade) but the best thing about this is projects genisis airdrops.. so StarTerra recently had there genisis airdrop which gave me around 40 STT in total worth around $240

3 Brave Browser

This is brilliant if your online a lot. Not much to say you earn BAT for receiving Ads, I roughly earn around 4-6 BAT a month at the moment

4 Discord Tipping Servers

So I’m in a few discord tipping servers which tip you for voting for them daily etc and doing daily tasks I currently afford a $30 a month crypto vip membership this way

5 Plutus Bank Card

This is brilliant on the basic account you earn 3% Crypto Back in PLU up to £250 a month you can earn around 1-1.5 PLU a month this way or you can upgrade your account by staking 100 PLU for unlimited cash back a month.

Please Share any other great ways to earn crypto passively🙏 and I hope some of these help‼️

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